An innovation in concrete pavement construction – which is said to be the new benchmark for external hardstands – was recently introduced to the Southern African market.

Optipave VRS has the ground-breaking ability to combine the volumetric retraction stability (VRS) additive Link EVR from RCR Industrial Flooring, thin concrete paving (TCP) short-slab design technology and fibre-reinforced concrete using fibre from CHRYSO Southern Africa and ready-mix from Metier.

Hannes Engelbrecht, Concrete Unit Business Director at CHRYSO Southern Africa comments, “Optipave VRS is a pioneering solution that is said to be pointing the way to the future of external hardstands – the result of proactive collaboration between leading players in the field.”

A 120mm wave joint to the full depth of a concrete hardstand.

“CHRYSO® EasyFinish is a macro monofilament fibre that is engineered to replace steel mesh or steel fibres in concrete,” says Hannes. “It is specially designed for concrete reinforcement and is shaped to create a smooth concrete surface finish, improving durability and mechanical properties.”

Link EVR reduces shrinkage and curling in concrete slabs, and prevents superficial micro cracks known as crazing. It makes concrete less porous, improves its freeze-thaw behaviour as well as its resistance to liquid spillage and abrasion.

The Monofloor TCP design ensures that only one set of wheels can load each slab at any one time, reducing the flexural stress and changing the failure mode. The result of this is that a thinner slab can be cast for the same loading.

“Together, these technologies solve recurring problems in conventional external concrete pavements and hardstands,” Hannes says. “Optipave VRS, a technology from the RCR Industrial Flooring Group, reduces tensile stress in the slab, eliminates the negative effects of curling and pumping, reduces slab thickness and allows minimal joint opening and maintenance.”

In closing, Hannes says, “We believe that the Optipave system has a bright future because of its competitive construction costs and ease of installation. Its optimised load distribution system further enhances its appeal and cost effectiveness.”

For more information on this innovation, contact CHRYSO SA:
Tel: + 27 11 306 9000

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