It is the stories from different parts of the world that fuel the ways in which people express style and therefore drive trends in design.
In putting together its Colour Trends 2018 report, NCS Colour, in collaboration with colour trend forecasters Justine Fox from Material Colour and Laura Perryman from Colour of Saying, considered the rising importance of the African continent and independence movements in Europe, the United States of America (USA), the Middle East and China, that have changed the way of living, turning it into a serious struggle for some parts of the world.

“Where we once wanted to escape and disconnect ourselves in a fantasy world, we are now facing reality and doing the best we can to make life beautiful,” the report states.

“We will therefore see rebellion in the shape of vivid yellow, reds and blue accompanied by black, and rawness transforming from cold concrete to marble and discreet details in silver and gold. The shift towards togetherness and the collective is enveloping into grounded hues of brown, purple and green.”
#1 New Africa

With some of the fastest growing economies in the world, Africa is rising and taking huge steps towards becoming a unified and modern continent. The traditional African colour palette is therefore shifting to reflect success, luxury and wealth through mixing earthy shimmering hues reaching from dark reds, greens and dull oranges, to bamboo-influenced colours.
#2 Luxurious Minimalism

Influenced by Nordic design, living has become more minimalistic with open spaces, creating a sense of space and light with cool greys and blue along with warmer hues in copper and gold. This trend, however, is not a minimalism of simplicity. It is all about the details, adding luxury in a subtle way with details of marble and stone effects, and gold, silver and metallic finishes.
#3 Urban Pride

This palette is all about celebrating the roughness and love for our concrete, graffiti-stained cities, where creativity has grown larger than ever with dramatic colours of fire and smoke symbolising a movement of hope, pride and creativity. It is a revolution of colours, creating an explosion of bright yellow, red and blue together with darker hues of black and brown.
#4 High-Tech Flower Power

Being connected is no longer about status. Tech-solutions have created a bridge between people and cultures and have turned the anonymity of urban life into a green living of togetherness. This trend celebrates this eco-friendly urban living with its earth green and brown hues mixed with warm purple and raw metals and material.

Full thanks and acknowledgment are given to the NCS Colour Centre SA for the information given to write this article.