PIA Awards for Architecture 2019 winners

by Zuerita
PIA Awards for Architecture 2019 winners

The Pretoria Institute for Architecture (PIA) celebrate and showcase some of the most notable achievements and creations within the international architectural realm. The awards have continued to increase in popularity over the years with a record number of entries received in 2019.

The PIA Awards are separated into three main categories:

  • Category A is focused on regional built projects
  • Category B is focused on research or works of social importance
  • Category C is focused on unbuilt regional projects

The following projects received a PIA Award for Architecture in 2019.

Future Africa Research Commons

Located within the perimeter of the University of Pretoria’s experimental farm, the Research Commons is part of the much larger Future Africa campus. It boasts an interconnectedness of both space and knowledge and is simultaneously compartmentalised yet open and layered.

Firm: Earthworld Architects & Interiors

Mighty Fine Productions OR Lourens Uitenweerde from EYEscape Corporate Photography


Die Klubhuis

Die Klubhuis can be found in Pretoria East. It is an innovative space with state-of-the-art finishes and was created to be as unconventional as possible.

Firm: Hofman Architects


Ahrlac Manufacturing Facility

The building has been designed for a locally produced aircraft and accommodates the design and production lines for the aircraft seamlessly. Function informs form in a symbiotic and elegant manner.

Firm: Riekert & Osman Studios (Pty) LTD

Studio 88 photography


Future Africa Conference Centre

Future Africa landed a second award with the help of its conference centre. The design is simple at first glance, until one notices the complex detailing and finishes.

Firm: Earthworld Architects & Interiors

Dook Photography OR Lourens Uitenweerde from EYEscape Corporate Photography


Germiston Theatre

Capturing the essence of Germiston’s new cultural district, the conversion of the Carnegie Library in Germiston Theatre boasts a richly layered entry façade and a haunting quality unique to the building. Germiston Theatre was the only project which received the highest mark and the only Award of Excellence.


Future Africa Hub

The live work environment within the University of Pretoria facilitates trans-disciplinary research. The hub features an interesting window construction and an asymmetric roof.

Firm: Earthworld Architects & Interiors

Dook Photography


Everyday 1949

This residential project in Menlo Park demonstrates true beauty in the form of white-painted brickwork, black-painted small paned steel framed windows and doors reminiscent of original South African farm-style architecture with a modern touch.

Firm: Nadine Engelbrecht Architect

Anita Janeke OR Marsel Roothman


River Cottage

Found on the banks of Crocodile River, River Cottage features a shed-like main structure creating a tangible tension with the dense tree line of the property. It also boasts raised walkways and original stone accents.

Firm: JVR Architects

Dook Photography and VISI


House Riviera Refurbishment

This 1960s suburban house is now comprised of new openings, roof forms, materials and colour, which work to support the original architect, Wilse Mare’s, vision.

Firm: Nadine Engelbrecht Architect

Photographer Marsel Roothman


San Sereno Senior Living

The buildings of the community that was originally constructed in the 1980s have been renovated on a functional, operation and experiential level, allowing for ease of movement and a far more welcoming atmosphere.

Firm: Kunz Raubenheimer Architects


Future Africa Housing

New technologies, building systems and innovative detailing, the Future Africa housing units are distinguished by their weaving tectonic walkways and off-shutter concrete.

Firm: Earthworld Architects & Interiors

Dook Photography


Wallstreet Pretoria

Wallstreet is perched between expensive face brick fin walls and is a fine example of luxury in dense suburban living.

Firm: Earthworld Architects & Interiors

Michael Schmucker


The Terrace House – Janse van Rensburg

All parts of Terrace House are organised on an axis, and the building is designed to have a symbiotic relationship with the surrounding landscape.

Firm: W Design Architecture Studio

Photo by Jamie Thom


Bungalow Bothma

The house, Bungalow Bothma, is the home of an architect and is located on a small panhandle site in a rapidly densifying suburb. It is a good example of the experimental cottage – confident and bold, yet intimate with a glorious understanding of internal domestic ritual and efficiency of space.

Firm: Laboratorium Architects


Boukunde: 75th Anniversary of the Department of Architecture

The Department of Architecture at Tuks offers fascinating insight into many of the people, the social capital, that have contributed to the Department’s well-deserved reputation as one of South Africa’s finest schools of architecture.

Firm: Prof Arthur Barker, Departpment of Architecture, University of Pretoria


House Dreyer

In House Dreyer, the architects developed an innovative, classic approach to the relationship between architecture and landscape while forging a home that captures the genius loci of the estate and the specific needs of its inhabitants.

Firm: Earthworld Architects & Interiors

Arne Gunter


Between a Rock and an Open Place – Mcintosh

The project is commended for the elegance with which the house converses with the landscape and has been integrated in its site, growing from the rock and honouring the silhouette of the mountain.

Firm: W Design Architecture Studio

Congratulations to all the winners!

Adjudicators 2019: Marianne de Klerk – Convener, Architect; Peter Mathews – Architect, Multiple Award Recipient.

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