With immediate effect, PG Bison moves to replace its Super White in Peen finish with Picco White in Strata finish across its BisonLam and SupaLam product ranges.

PG Bison has supplied BisonLam and SupaLam products into the market in its Super White, Peen finish, for many years. While the BisonLam products are predominantly used for the interior carcasses of cabinets, SupaLam, specifically the single face option, is used in the spray and wrap door market. In 2020, the company launched its new Picco White colour in Strata finish as an alternative.

Making the most of new surface technologies, Picco White in Strata is designed to offer a more modern, matt and whiter finish than Super White in Peen, but with the same durability and easy-cleaning qualities PG Bison customers expect from all the company’s sealed melamine products.

“We view this new colour and finish as a superior product and therefore an evolution of our BisonLam and SupaLam offering,” explains Justin Berry, Marketing and Strategic Development Executive at PG Bison. “It was developed in line with our vision to inspire and enable beautiful living spaces. Our plan was to begin to move towards supplying more Picco White in Strata into the market and eventually to phase out Super White in Peen. However, we have had to accelerate this change due to a loss of a set of our Peen texture plates – an unfortunate mechanical setback suffered at our Ugie plant.”

Berry says that following the loss of the plates, various options were considered, ultimately deciding on using the opportunity presented to step change the market in line with international trends. “One of PG Bison’s deep-rooted characteristics is our ability to take adversity and find the opportunity in it. As such, we’ve decided to expedite the process of phasing out Super White in Peen finish across both BisonLam and SupaLam,” he says. “We have, therefore, immediately migrated all Super White Peen orders to Picco White Strata and we believe the market and the consumers will benefit from this change.”

To ensure minimal market disruption, the company has put various mitigation measures in place.

“We have been communicating this change individually to our direct customers through our sales teams, as well as through our various communications channels,” says Berry. “To ensure we protect our customers and consumers from feeling any financial effect of the change, we have (with immediate effect) altered our pricing structure. The price of Picco White Strata has been matched to that of our Super White Peen, ensuring a superior finish and product at the same price point.”

PG Bison has also converted all orders on different thicknesses and sizes of Super White in Peen to Picco White Strata, ensuring consistency across its range offering.

“We’re also making the remaining limited supply of BisonLam Super White in Peen finish available to customers who have existing contracts in place or components in stock for a period of time to assist them with managing their own value chain,” says Berry. “As Picco White has been on the market since 2020, edging is also readily available.”

This is a permanent change with no option to revert to Super White Peen in the future, mitigating any further disruptions to these products down the line.

PG Bison will continue to manufacture all other MelaWood products, such as the Accent Range solid colours in a Peen finish, with no interruption to supply.

“We acknowledge this is a sudden change and are working alongside our customers to ensure we help the market navigate the change as smoothly as possible. We are confident that PG Bison’s Picco White Strata will set the bar for white board going forward,” concludes Berry.

The company has also created an FAQs document (accessible here). Customers are encouraged to contact their local sales office for more information.

For more information, visit https://pgbison.co.za/

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