PET carpets grow in popularity

by Ofentse Sefolo
PET carpets grow in popularity

Growth in polyethylene terephthalate (PET) carpets made from recycled plastic bottles has been substantial over the years and these sustainable carpets are virtually indistinguishable from carpets made from other materials. This green choice in carpets has been used across the world, in several national parks’ lobbies and other high-traffic areas with minimal need for maintenance and excellent results.

Minimally impacting the environment
This style of carpeting is completely eco-friendly, has a minimal impact on the environment and neatly closes the recycling loop enabling “cradle to cradle” solutions.

Amazing advantages of PET carpets

With advancements in the yarn processing of PET carpets, the lifespan of these carpets has been increased. They retain their colour, resisting fading from exposure to sun or harsh cleaning, and are naturally stain-resistant so they do not need chemical treatments.

PET carpets have attractive qualities and are available in aesthetically pleasing colours and patterns. They are made from a continuous filament weave, making the carpets strong and durable, helping to resist wear while still being softer and lighter than many other carpets.

PET carpets are easy to clean as spills stay on the surface. This is because the looped construction prevents them from sinking into the fibres, which are more resistant to heat and abrasion than other carpets, reducing the build-up of allergens. PET carpets are also relatively inexpensive, making them the more affordable choice.

Making these eco-friendly carpets
The bottles arrive in bales at the manufacturing plant and are separated into clear and colour batches so that the resulting carpets are not all coloured green. The bottles are then sliced and diced in a mechanically thorough process to create a blend of powdered flakes.

During the washing process, bottle caps in the batch rise to the top and are used later to create the carpet cores around which the finished carpets are coiled. The clean flakes are heated to an extremely high temperature and melted into a viscous liquid, which passes through spinnerets with many holes that turn the bottle flakes into thin fibre strands which are then cooled, lengthened and entwined into carpet-quality material.

This product is then baled and shipped to another manufacturing plant that specialises in turning this material into yarn. The carpets are then woven using sophisticated machinery and after being dyed a chosen colour, they are ready for the showroom.

Installation completed easily
It is extremely important to receive the best carpet installation for your property so you can capitalise on the wonderful benefits these carpet have to offer. Choose an installer that is an expert craftsman, gives satisfactory customer service and a warranty for the installation of your fresh, new PET carpet.

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