Performing to perfection

by Tania Wannenburg
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A flooring product with a “superior-performing” label is highly regarded and only achieves it by displaying a significant degree of excellence.

To label a flooring type, flooring product or company a performer is not something this industry takes lightly. A high-performing company, product or service is defined as one that is of superior quality. These are strong words and statements to make, and imply that one product is superior or performs better in comparison to another.

How these comparisons are determined, i.e. which product/company is superior to another, is not as critical to this article as the identifiable features are that set these top-performing flooring products and/or companies apart. These so-called superior performers raise the bar and set industry standards that others can aspire to, while aiming to uphold the quality and reputation of the flooring industry. How can one know whether a product, service or company is supremely excellent if there isn’t another one to compare it to?

To achieve a “top-performing” label, a product has to be tried and tested numerous times, and only after it has achieved superior performance levels again and again over a long period of time while displaying ongoing excellence, can it proudly state that it is indeed a performer within the flooring industry.

Several factors play an integral role in a floor type/product or company achieving excellence. These include:
1.    The inclusion of technological advancements;
2.    Innovative combinations of ingredients used to create the end product;
3.    Longevity and lifespan;
4.    Resistance levels and durability (product-related);
5.    Customer satisfaction related to service offering (when looking at a company);
6.    Cost efficiency; and
7.    To put it simply, the “wow” factor.

The success of a product is directly influenced by the successful installation of said product and, unfortunately, this is where poor service due to lack of training often casts blame unfairly on a top-performing product, which has to suffer the consequences of poor workmanship. This is often discussed and debated to the frustration of all parties involved. Just because the performance of a project is sub-par by no means implies that the flooring product type specified is not an excellent flooring option.

The first-ever SA Flooring Awards held in 2013 also looked comprehensively at the performance of several companies and products in the flooring industry. This gave way for the industry to be informed and educated on what a superior-performing flooring product, company or service actually looks like, how it should be functioning and according to which framework.

The numerous companies that received awards are prime examples of what it takes to become a top-performing company. These companies have spent years perfecting their craft, products and service offerings to ensure that they instil only the very best into the flooring industry and as a result they have set extremely high standards, and rightly so. Anything achieved too easily or without hard work, perseverance and dedication is seldom excellent and will trickle down and negatively affect the quality of products entering the flooring industry.

At the end of the day, all players in the industry work hard, with the goal to satisfy clients’ needs and, where possible, excel beyond their expectations. To achieve this requires several factors, starting with a top-performing company and product, combined with reputable workmanship and service. To have a top-performing product is what keeps the flooring industry on its toes and drives it to reach for more, take that seemingly impossible step, and continue to strive for excellence in the face of significant challenges and ongoing competition.

Perseverance, dedication and an absolute passion for the flooring industry are ultimately what lead to a flooring company/product that can be labelled a top performer, because what goes into that product is driven by the company that never ceases to strive for excellence in the face of adversity, regardless of what those hurdles may be.

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