Performance ceiling tiles to complement any look

by Darren
Performance ceiling tiles

The Daiken range of ceiling tiles offers outstanding technology in a wide variety of face patterns.

Complementing CAPCO’s extensive range of ceiling tiles, the Daiken range of mineral fibre ceiling tiles offers outstanding fire resistance, thermal insulation and sound absorption.

Daiken is one of the leading ceiling brands in the world known for its continuous development of technology and manufacturing processes with a strong focus on environmental and sustainability standards.

Suspended ceiling tiles
Daiken Ceiling Tiles offers a high RH99 (relative humidity) rating for projects that require the highest demands and comes in three unique face patterns (New NDF (Non-direction fissure), Constellation and Venus Perforated) suited to a wide variety of commercial applications.

What’s more, the Daiken New NDF mineral fibre ceiling tiles have a clean white surface and are one of ceiling contractors’ most favoured commodity panels due to their durability and ease of handling.

The Daiken range has a high noise reduction coefficient (NRC) and ceiling attenuation class (CAC) to help reduce reverberation time and to prevent sound transfer through the ceiling plenum. These ceiling tiles are guaranteed for ten years against visible sagging up to 50°C and 99% relative humidity.

Outstanding properties
The Daiken ceiling tiles are non-combustible and do not emit toxic gas or smoke, melt, break or become deformed under normal fire conditions, thereby protecting ceiling areas from fire.

The thermal insulation is more than six times that of gypsum board, which attributes to maintaining room comfort, resulting in savings in terms of cooling and heating costs.
In addition, the tiles superior sound absorption and insulation characteristics further assist in creating a comfortable and quiet room environment.
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