A range of Pelican Systems’ acoustic products is keeping Ethekweni Hospital and Heart Centre peaceful and quiet, in order to create a good environment for proper healthcare.

Acoustics are extremely important in hospitals and doctor suites, where confidentiality and a quiet, peaceful environment are essential elements of proper healthcare. For this reason, a series of acoustic products from Pelican Systems were specified and installed during the extension of Ethekweni Hospital and Heart Centre.

Specifically, a range of Pelican Systems’ AMF Acoustic ceiling tiles was used in this application to increase the DB rating in the passages, as the partitions were not able to extend all the way to the soffit due to the amount of services that had to be accommodated in the ceiling.

Acoustic ceiling tiles fitted
Tile                                        NRC value                       DB rating                    Area used
AMF Varioline Acoustic       0,70                                 40                                 Passages
AMF Acoustic                       0,70                                  38                                 Passages
AMF Star                               0,60                                  34                                 Doctors’ suites

Peace and Quiet for hospital Extention Pelican2

All of the flush-plastered ceilings and bulkheads were installed using JUMBO grid and 9mm JUMBO plasterboard. PS1 (Suspended Ceilings) and PS2 (Flush Plastered Ceilings) Aluminium Shadowline Trim were used for the perimeter walls to create a shadow line effect.

For suspended ceilings in areas where acoustics were not critical, 12mm Econotiles in both 600mm x 600mm and 1 200mm x 600mm were used with Econogrid.

The partitions were fairly specialised and included standard, acoustic and fire drywall solutions. In addition to 89mm JUMBO Drywall with cavity batt being used for doctors’ suites, 124mm JUMBO AcousticWALL, 124mm JUMBO FireWALL and Pyropanel two-hour fire doors were also installed.

“The healthcare sector is booming and we have more hospitals and clinics than ever in planning and specifying stages,” states Denise Gould, General Manager at Pelican Systems. “As always, we appreciate our products being specified and would like to thank the professional team, contractors and subcontractors for supporting Pelican Systems,” she says.

Pelican Systems
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Involved team members:
Architect:  BVA Architects
Quantity surveyor: FWJK
Main contractor: Norvo Construction / Verbaan Construction
Sub-contractor: Concept Shopfitters

Caption 1: Specialised drywalls included JUMBO SoundWALL and JUMBO FireWALL. To create quiet rooms, 89mm JUMBO Drywall with cavity batt was specified.

Caption 2: Pelican Systems’ AMF Acoustic ceiling tiles increase the DB rating in the passages of Ethekweni Hospital and Heart Centre, as the partitions were not able to extend all the way to the soffit.