Cool roofing simply involves the coating of roofs with a durable, reflective membrane which reflects the heat of the sun. It is an inexpensive and highly effective passive energy, low-tech cooling intervention which is changing lives across the country.

The South African National Energy Development Institute (SANEDI) is rolling out thousands of square metres of cool roofing technology in partnership with various municipalities, with grant funding received from the international Million Cool Roofs Challenge.

SANEDI has been focusing its roll-out on low-income communities who stand to benefit from cooler homes, as well as the skills development opportunities offered by the project, both much-needed and life-changing interventions.

Community impact
In the Western Cape, the Masonwabi settlement and Morkel’s Cottage in Strand are preparing for the roll-out. A total of 30 community members from these areas have been trained and 28 have received their artisan’s certificate, ready to paint a total of 27 474m² of roofing. The project has experienced delays due to Covid-19. However, with the use of many eager local painters, SANEDI looks forward to coating as many roofs as possible until August 2021, when the Million Cool Roofs Challenge comes to an end.

Further north, SANEDI is preparing to begin its “greening the city” project in the City of Tshwane, aimed at addressing a number of energy-efficiency concerns. Under an MoU with Tshwane, the initiative will look at various interventions including cool surfacing. This involves the coating of roofs and paving to minimise the urban heat island effect, which occurs when cities have dense concentrations of pavements, buildings and other surfaces that absorb and retain heat.

SANEDI looks forward to driving the cool surfaces industry and helping the country to become more energy-efficient, with a lower carbon footprint. The use of cool roofing is beneficial on many fronts and can contribute greatly to a greener South Africa.

For more information on this worthy project, contact SANEDI:

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