Thanks to LED and new lighting systems, ceilings are becoming dramatic features in various types of buildings. Whether designing a mall, office or home, the use of direct and especially indirect lighting has become very important in setting the mood and appearance of a space. Capco has developed several features to facilitate this trend and make it easier and less time-consuming to create these features whilst improving their stability and accuracy.
Recent additions to the SIGMA range include:

1.    Shadow line details
Capco’s Sigma range of shadow line details incorporates 20×20, 30×30, 50×50 and 100x100mm shadow line sections for flush-plastered ceilings and 20×20, 30×30 and 50x50mm for the exposed tee systems.

2.    Ceiling transitions
These functional sections form a neat shadow line break between flush-plastered and exposed tee ceilings. Available in 15×15 and 20x20mm shadow lines.

3.    Raft closers
With the current trend of industrial interiors, sound absorption is a major consideration. These sections close off a raft-type, free-floating ceiling constructed out of sound-absorbing materials to improve sound absorption and give the raft a neat industrial look.

For more elements of the SIGMA range, also read the article on page 20 in our previous issue of WALLS & ROOFS.

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