Parquet with Marquetry turns villa into showpiece

by Darren
Rubio Jnl 2 14

Turn your living room into a showpiece that will shock and amaze your guests.

A luxurious residence on the outskirts of Johannesburg has become a showpiece due to Forest Flooring fitting it with European oak parquet floorboards measuring 26cm in width and a marquetry border in a Greek key pattern.

Two types of wood were used for the parquetry, namely panga panga from East Africa and grapia from Brazil. Panga panga is a hardwood and its chocolate-brown colour resembles wenge, often used for indoor joinery, furniture and parquet.

In turn, grapia, also called garapa, has a yellow to yellow-beige colour. As the fitters for this project, Forest Flooring have always opted for innovative and quality projects. They consist of a team of experienced floor fitters who deliver ready-made parquet.

“With this project, the owner wanted the parquet to suit the Italian style of the villa,” explains Forest Flooring’s William Combrinck. “A border with Greek key patterns fitted in with this perspective.” With time being the biggest challenge, the team of 12 floor fitters was able to finish the project of about 1 250m² in four weeks.

The multi-layer oak parquet floor with a thickness of 21mm and a 6mm top layer was fitted floating with adhesive between tongue and groove. It was then placed on a moisture barrier and a 3mm Airothene bottom layer. Thereafter, the Greek key pattern marquetry in solid wood was glued onto a multiplex subfloor, which in turn was glued onto the covering floor.

William placed great emphasis on the finish for this parquet floor and explains: “Since the client regarded the right colour intensity and the antique patina as absolutely crucial, we prescribed Rubio Monocoat Oil. The fact that this is a single-coat oil also helped us to meet the tight deadline.  The Rubio Monocoat Oil Plus 2C {consisting of RMC Oil Plus (A) and RMC Accelerator (B)} was ideal for obtaining the aged effect and its intense colour character.” The Rubio Monocoat Oil Plus 2C is a dual component oil for parquet.

The result? The aged patina and deep colouring didn’t hide the texture of the grain. William goes on to say that a dark finish for the bookshelves was used on the balcony to create harmony between the colour of the parquet and that of the furniture.

As soon as this was completed, other workers from other companies also came in to complete different jobs and, as a result, Forest Flooring had to go back again to clean and freshen up the floor to restore its new look. “To achieve this we used the Universal Maintenance Oil from Rubio Monocoat in the Pure colour – a colourless product that also benefits the durability of the floor,” William concludes.

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