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Parisian renovation showcases the future of sustainable living

Appartement Rue De La Pompe | Paris, France | by Gitai Architects

The P-Flat residential project by Gitai Architects has unveiled an innovative, minimal family home in the heart of Paris that exemplifies the future of sustainable interior design. Developing a prototype for a “new style” of apartment, Gitai Architects has successfully transformed the habitability of the space to create a sustainable living environment that balances functionality with aesthetics.

Architectural future
Located in the 16th district of Paris in a traditional Haussmann building, Gitai Architects was tasked with the total redesign of the property to improve the functionality of the space, creating a modern and comfortable living environment. The understanding of architecture as a medium that connects the history with the future of a city was at the core of the design process, infusing innovative design into the long-established characteristics of the property.

Through merging traditional features of late 20th and early 21st century culture with contemporary design, P-Flat is a cultural-architectural project that explores the connection between conceptual expressions of the two time periods into this space.

Natural illusion
Through the implementation of sustainable practices, the use of natural materials and working with natural form and colour, Gitai Architects works to develop all its projects to be in keeping with the natural surroundings. With the P-Flat project, the architects created an environment achieved by the spatial synergy of both time periods, the continuity of wood running through the property and clever, built-in storage systems designed to synergise the space.

The main design concept was to create an illusion that the space has been formed by folding an immense piece of wood, achieved by connecting the traditional wooden flooring to the newly constructed, wooden-enclosed walls.

Veiled wooden walls
The wooden veiled walls create a flexible spatial experience, not only serving as dividers of the space but also providing optimal storage with cupboards, shelves and drawers concealed within. With each wall encapsulating floor-to-ceiling storage systems, the need for traditional furniture to store belongings has been eliminated, freeing up space whilst preventing any disturbance in the design.

Appartement Rue De La Pompe | Paris, France | by Gitai Architects

These dual-purpose structures reaffirm that every room is separated yet connected at the same time, supporting the spatial atmosphere of this project as one single architectural embodiment.

Ben Gitai, founder of Gitai Architects, notes: “The P-Flat project is a prototype for a new style of home that attempts to make future living more inclusive and sustainable by unifying the space whilst creating a permanent expression. Through the total remodelling of the property, we have managed to form a new equilibrium in the apartment, maximising on the space for optimal practicality, comfort, aesthetics and atmosphere.”

Key facts
• Brand: Interior.
• Practice: Gitai Architects.
• Project category: Future projects, residential apartment, house, sustainable buildings.
• Location: France, Paris.

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