Pandemic-proof flooring a reality

by Ofentse Sefolo
Pandemic-proof flooring a reality

One man’s vision is making the fight against the global pandemic easier to manage. Norwegian, Bjorn Hegstad, founder and inventor of Acrylicon resin flooring during the 1970s, realised the need for medical facilities and food suppliers to operate under the most hygienic of conditions.

Hygienic and germ-resistant
While developing the Acrylicon resin system with its 2:1, as opposed to 6:1, aggregate to resin ratio, Hegstad created a totally sealed and hygienic system with no pores or air holes in which bacteria can grow.

The Acrylicon Décor System was praised by the Norwegian food sector, with the country’s large fishing industry especially appreciating this hygienic and easy-to-clean non slip flooring system.

This led to Acrylicon being classified as an “essential product supplier” in many countries, enabling a reported increase in sales during the economically devastating global pandemic.

Benefits beyond quick curing
Acrylicon, with its fast two-hour curing time combined with high compressive strength – the essential qualities of winning flooring solutions – make floors usable the next day instead of losing days or even weeks waiting for areas to become accessible.

The special primers in the Acrylicon flooring system make it remarkably strong while penetrating the substrate to such an extent that the new floors are permanently “welded” to the base.

More than just flooring

This truly remarkable flooring system is now distributed locally by KBAC Flooring and offers hygienic benefits that will become the new benchmark. Some of these advantages include:
• Speed of installation: Daily installation rates of 200m² achievable.
• Chemical stability: Acrylicon resins are fully inert and stable after two hours.
• Chemical bonding: Each Acrylicon layer chemically fuses to the previous layer.
• Chemical resistance: Fully resistant to lactic and most other acids, UV stable and fade free.
• Mechanical strength: Acrylicon flooring is spill and chemical resistant.
• Joints: New construction joints, day joints and crack induction joints can be overlaid without the need to reflect them through in the finish.
• Durability: In the UK, the oldest Acrylicon installation is 25 years old and in Europe, there are many floors over 30 years old across various industries.

With such innovative technologies now locally available, we look forward to many more industries working to ensure safer and cleaner environments – from floor to ceiling and beyond.

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Website: www.kbacflooring.co.za

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