Painting the way to infection defence

by Ofentse Sefolo
Painting the way to infection defence

One would not normally associate paint with being able to play a role in the healthcare and infection control space.

Thanks to Plascon’s ingenuity, it now does. They currently offer two unique products aimed at the healthcare market, namely Plascon Professional Hygiene™ Low Sheen Paint and Kansai Shiquy Paint (imported from Japan on request), both specifically designed for use in environments where infection control and anti-microbial performance are essential.

Using BIODEFENCE™ silver technology, Plascon Professional Hygiene™ Low Sheen Paint provides proven protection against harmful bacteria, eliminating up to 99,9% of E.coli bacteria. It can withstand repeated cleaning cycles and maintains its antibacterial effectiveness during its full lifecycle. It is suitable for use on primed interiors and various types of building boards, as well as new and previously painted plaster, concrete and porous brickwork.

Japanese invention now available locally on request

Dating back 1 300 years, Shikkui is a traditional Japanese plaster which was historically used as a protective method against infections. Successfully converting Shikkui plaster into a paint finish, Plascon’s parent company, Kansai Paint Japan, has made this innovation available to the South African market.

With viruses needing moisture to survive, the strong alkaline content of Kansai Shiquy Paint renders them inactive on contact, unable to attach to a host. This product applied in a thin film, can be used on various surfaces, creating a barrier that offers an antiviral effect, eliminating odours, controlling humidity and aiding in air purification.

Surfaces treated with these paints offer proven germ-fighting qualities, assistance that could prove invaluable in our current healthcare environment.

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