Painting the town green

by Darren

Prominent Paints launched Evolve: a new generation of interior environmentally-friendly paints.

Paint colours our world. Although most paints are available in a rainbow of colours, not all paints are green.

So, how do you distinguish a “green” paint from a conventional paint?

A world of choices
Many conventional paints contain volatile organic compounds (VOCs) in varying amounts. VOCs are organic chemicals that get released as a gas from paint as it dries and even in small amounts after it has dried. VOCs escape into the air as soon as the paint is applied. Outdoors, VOCs can cause harm to the environment. Indoors, VOCs contribute to unhealthy air, and extended exposure to these pollutants may even lead to respiratory and metabolic illnesses, headaches and a host of other disorders.

How to find pollutant free paint on the shelf:

•    Read product labels: The simple rule is, the lower the VOCs, the safer and healthier the paint.
•    Be aware when tinting:  Although the base may below VOC to start with, after a traditional colourant is added, this claim may not be valid.
•    Choose water-based, not alkyd: Oil-based alkyd paints contain far more VOCs than water-based paint.

Prominent Paints, a member of the PPG Industries Group, recently launched Evolve, a new generation of environmentally-friendly interior paint products manufactured from 70% organic raw materials. The range is 100% lead-free, contains no harmful solvents and offers a 10-year guarantee on the top coat.

The range, which is exclusive to Builders Warehouse and Builders Express stores, also includes a specifically designed multi-surface primer ideal for interior surfaces like tiles, wood and metal.

Evolve is zero-VOC, meaning it containsless than 5grams of VOC’s per litre of paint across all the available colours. As a result, the new paint smell won’t linger for as long as normal paint and it won’t irritate one’s eyes, skin or cause headaches

The art of colour
The current range has four themes of five colours each, and the colour palettes are a researched balance between contemporary aesthetics and style longevity and are 100% on-trend. From neon shades and strikingly bold colour combinations, to more muted romantic soft styles, there is a colour combination for every consumer and the 20 colours (plus white) are set to stay the test of time. The in-store touch-screen with its built-in decorating tool helps consumers to visualise various colour combinations in different room settings and easily select additional fittings. The well-planned colour themes, touch-screen tool and its inherent benefits place Evolve in a unique position in the competitive paint market.

Innovative packaging
Paint colours are available in translucent paint ‘tins’ creating an actual wall of colour that allows consumers sight of the real paint colour – a first for South Africa. The ready-to-use tins of paint save time and avoid standing in queues at the tint bay, waiting for paint to be mixed. The range comes standard in 1L and 4L packaging which is enough to paint a 4×3 room, depending on surface texture and porosity. This sizing avoids wastage so often associated with the traditional 5litre offering.

With impressive credentials such as being 100% lead-free, 100% solvent-free, 70% organic and zero-VOC, it’s no wonder that one day all paint will be made this way.

Website: www.evolvepaints.co.za
Tel: (011) 389 4700
In collaboration with Prominent Paints.

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