Painting hardwood floors

by Ofentse Sefolo
Painting hardwood floors

Painting hardwood floors seems to be an exciting new trend. This modern and stylish flooring option can make both residential and commercial projects really stand out.

Ron Ander from the Hardwood Flooring Store says that while slightly darker or lighter shades of paint are enough to make a home look distinct, designers shouldn’t overlook bolder colours.

“Many people overlook the floor when they are decorating a room and that’s a shame. A floor can become a focal point and add a 3D effect to the design. Instead of just looking around, painted floors encourage you to look down,” says Ron.

You don’t want focus points competing with each other, so weigh your options carefully when considering a hardwood painting job. If the floor is the focal point of the room, then other design elements should be softer and quieter or else you will run the risk of a floor looking too busy. Similar coloured accents should also be chosen to complement the floor.

Ron also advises choosing a paint that has been designed for floors as it needs to withstand wear and tear from traffic.

“The paint you use won’t be the same as the paint you put on the wall, as it needs to be designed specifically for wood. When a person purchases hardwood floors, they should talk to the company and make sure the type of wood they choose will work with paint,” recommends Ron.

Full thanks and acknowledgement are given to www.hardwoodfloorstore.com for the information contained in this article.

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