Paint with a unique DNA

by Tania Wannenburg

Cedar Paint’s latest inventive coating comes with micro elements that make the paint identifiable on site to confirm that the specification was applied correctly.

Imagine specifying a brand of paint, but then the contractor applies a cheaper product. How can one be sure that what you get is what you asked for?

Cedar Paint’s latest innovation, a coating that can identify itself as a Cedar Paint product, was specifically developed to negate this risk.

The Cedar Paint Identity Matt coating is infused with micro elements, consisting of a detectable named acrylic, without changing the colour or texture of the coating. These elements act as a type of paint DNA which allows a Cedar Paint technician to scan the paint on site and confirm if a coating has the brand identity infused within.

“It is a first for South Africa and possibly even internationally,” notes Cedar Paint’s Shane Weeden. “The Cedar Paint Identity Matt coating tells you what it is. What this means for the architect, asset owner and home owner, is peace of mind that the contractor cannot cheat the specification.”

Why paint DNA?
Weeden explains that years’ experience showed that too often paint specifications are not honoured by applicators, which results in asset owners not getting the specified coating they were promised. While brands can easily be identified, paint, once out of the bucket and applied to a surface, was never branded.  

The inside scoop
Cedar Paint then looked to nature for a solution. Considering that the shell of an insect and a paint coating have a similar function – to protect and decorate – the company set out to copy Mother Nature and develop a hydrophobic, protective and decorative coating.  

“Certain exoskeletons reflect colours differently under special light. Our chemist found an additive that, under certain light, enables us to identify the coating as Cedar Paint,” Weeden explains.

In addition, the coating is hydrophobic, meaning that liquids cannot stick to it, but instead water is repelled from the surface, making it a self-cleaning product for interior or exterior use.  

“Two years of research resulted in a product called Ultra-Premium. And although the Ultra Range can be classed as specialised coatings, they remain practical and easy to apply,” says Weeden.

The Cedar Paint Ultra Range can either be used as a two-part system or separately. As a two-part system, the applicator would prime mineral surfaces like plaster or brick, with two coats of Damp Repairing Plaster Primer, wet on wet, to ensure the surface is sealed and damp-proof. Thereafter two coats of the Identity Matt finish coating will be applied.

“Good preparation ensures a long-lasting, protective and decorative coating, which in turn ensures savings over time. The Identity Matt coating comes with a 15-year guarantee on top of being hydrophobic with the ability to be identified,” Weeden adds.  

Cedar Paint
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