Outside skim coating becomes a viable option

by Zuerita
Outside skim coating becomes a viable option

Previously, skim coating has only been an option on interior walls due to the lack of all-weather skim coats on the market. This has changed dramatically with the introduction of DURALiTe from iTe Products – South Africa’s first exterior and interior finishing skim coat.

Now the same ultra-smooth look can be achieved outside as well as indoors, and because DURALiTe is cement-based, it can withstand the ravages of exterior elements such as rain. The absence of such a product has long been a limiting factor in construction projects, but iTe Products’ commitment to innovation has opened up new possibilities.

In keeping with iTe Products’ philosophy, DURALiTe is both affordable and effective. Developed to deliver dust-free, durable surfaces, it’s easy to use and immensely practical. The only mixing agent required is water, and DURALiTe has excellent adhesive qualities. It can be applied over a wide range of surfaces, including raw and painted plaster and concrete.

Clean, light finish

Once dried, DURALiTe demonstrates even more flexibility: It can be sanded and, thanks to its off-white colour, it is easy to paint over with light base colours.

The introduction of DURALiTe means that the same standard of flat and smooth finishes can be achieved on external walls, and continuous décor schemes can be achieved. This product is very much on trend and in keeping with South Africa’s treasured indoor/outdoor lifestyle.

Having a single finish and colour scheme flowing from the inside to the outside of a building helps to bind architectural elements together and creates a sense of cohesion. This revolutionary cement-based product will greatly simplify projects by allowing the roll-out of a single finish across all surfaces.

This can help to ensure project delivery on time and on budget, and because DURALiTe can endure for several years outdoors as well as indoors, maintenance requirements are reduced and intervals between resurfacing are longer.

The end-result is a luxurious finish that is smooth and invites both indoor and outdoor living, as it is resistant to various elements that were previously unavailable in the industry.

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DURALiTe can be applied over a wide range of surfaces, including raw and painted plaster and concrete.

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