With Tremella, Turf Design has attempted to think outside of the box of more traditional acoustic solutions. Turf Design’s chief executive officer, Rob Perri, says: “As we work to create more flexible tools for designers and architects, Tremella adds a three-dimensional artistic flair to spaces that extends the capabilities Turf has to offer.”

Eye-catching wallscape

Tremella elevates the 3mm version into an eye-catching wallscape. With each one-of-a-kind Tremella tile, Turf shows its material mastery and commitment to creativity.

Turf’s senior designer, Jennifer Lee, explains: “The machine we typically use for cutting broke the day we wanted to start the design prototyping process for Tremella, so we resorted to more traditional tools such as scissors and sharpies.” The hands-on approach gave them a new understanding of the 3mm felt, making Tremella a high-performance acoustic with a more artistic structure.

Lily-pad formation

It’s composed of two 3mm layers, with the back layer giving shape to the top layer and folding it into a lily-pad formation. The unique forms are created when the clusters interact with each other. The cluster forms are inspired by sculptural art rather than traditional architecture, distinguishing Tremella as more organic and naturally shaped products. Using programming, Turf Design was able to perfect the unique back scoring that moulds encourage the felt into to take a distinctive shape that still provides high levels of sound absorption. 


Tremella, made with Turf’s 3mm 60% pre-consumer PET felt, is offered in twelve different colours with a soft, heathered look allowing the customisation of high-performance acoustics. These Tremella clusters offer designers and architects the addition of nature to their designs, with a new wallscape that produces a feeling of growth and biophilia within the structure.

Full acknowledgement and thanks go to https://turf.design/press/new-wall-scape-tremella for the information in this editorial.

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