Our top picks from the Iconic Awards

by Ofentse Sefolo
Our top picks from the Iconic Awards

The ICONIC Awards is a competition that honours the best in the furniture and interior design industries. The 2019 award ceremony was held on 13 January 2019 at the Kölnischer Kunstverein and architects, product developers and designers came together to accept their awards for functional, beautiful products. Here are some of our top pics:

ANI LAMPLuminaire by Blomus GmbHkaschkasch
The lighting solution was inspired by a street lamp, but thanks to the integrated battery, users can take the lamp with them wherever they go. To turn the light on, users need to briefly touch the rings on the lamp shade. The light can be hung on a rope or placed on a table, making it very versatile.

Layers by Sebastian Wrong
Designer Sebastian Wrong designed this new carpet tile for Fletco. The printed tile combines multi-layered patterns with the intention of disrupting the patterns while simultaneously enabling the patterns to flow. Images were woven and morphed into each other before the visual data was layered and edited during the design process.

Vitra Studio Plate by VitrA Karo San. Ve Tic. A.S.
The tile series portrays a smart interpretation of industrial design trends to interior spaces. Warm bronze and powder effects smooth the cold colours to create a new atmosphere in the spaces where the tile is installed. Modern urban bathrooms can perfectly combine the industrial look with luxury thanks to the metallic bronze background of the tiles.

Kollin Herringbone by pur natur Holzprodukte
The Kollin boards provide a unique floor design, almost knot-free sorting, and give the impression of harmonious tightness within a space. These boards are choice pieces from the best Douglas fir trunks.

Vitra Ceppostone by VitrA Karo San. Ve Tic. A.S
The elegant Ceppo di Gré of Italy is interpreted in this new colourbody porcelain collection. The Ceppo di Gré is a sought-after stone that is valued for its strength and beauty and the tile reinvents the large, granular texture of this special stone in unique ways. The durability of this collection makes it suitable for all types of usage.

Mammamia/MIA by Dieter Arnegger oncono
This shelving system organises and designs walls with its own architecture. The shelving system consists of a grid of ladders, which are available in nine different heights and two depths.

Qlocktwo 180 by B&F Manufacture GmbH & Co. KG
The impressive Qlocktwo has a 180 x 180cm face and shows the time in words, which lets you experience time in a different way. The letters are arranged in a seemingly random arrangement and the words change in five-minute intervals while the four dots in the corners show the minutes.

For more information, visit www.innovative-interior.com, to which full thanks and acknowledgement are given.

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