“Our inventions mirror our secret wishes” – Lawrence Durrell

by Zuerita
“Our inventions mirror our secret wishes” – Lawrence Durrell

By Jannie Muller from Giitd Architects

A cool word used for everything from a clever IT-guy who’s apparently pivotal to some kind of software solution, to the inventor of something cool and sometimes not so cool.

Yet, those who are actually practising what we originally knew as architecture are increasingly under pressure to keep up the “Greek god-ish” facade of an architect such as Howard Roark, for those who have read The Fountainhead by Ayn Rand. Besides all the cool things architects do, like creating spaces, providing homes, sculpting the landscape and wearing black like a boss, they need to keep up with technology and run a gauntlet of possible unforeseen lawsuits.

The landscape of architecture has surely changed a lot, especially now that we are trying to save the planet with our buildings and our cities.

Although this can be daunting at times, it is equally exciting! And with exciting times, new products see the light.

One such new arrow in the informed architect’s quiver is an insulation product called Lambdaboard. Everything about Lambdaboard is lovely! Let’s count the ways:

1.    Aesthetics:
It presents a very aesthetic ceiling finish for above-truss, between-truss and suspended-ceiling options.

2.    Strength:
It is rigid and has the ability to span much greater distances than similar products on the market. This means that less structure is needed in the roof space to prevent sagging.

3.    Ease of use:
If some thought is put into the roof structure as a whole, it can significantly reduce effort and time during the construction.

4.    Efficiency:
Better R-values mean that the insulation material can be up to 20% thinner than the alternatives on the market.

5.    Fire rating:
Since it does not melt, it is much safer in a fire situation.

6.    Water resistance:
Nothing beats sagging and disintegrating ceilings under patio and overhang roofs. Now one can have a neat, robust ceiling and insulation without the possibility of water damage.

Lambdaboard installed in an open truss between-rafter application below a patio roof.

I have recently installed Lambdaboard in my own new home in an open truss between-rafter application. It was used below the patio roof, in the bedrooms and in the garage. It was the first time my contractor got to work with Lambdaboard, and he loved it.

On another new house, the contractor, also a first-time Lambdaboard user, installed it in an over-rafter application. The ability to span longer distances reduced the number of required rafters. He also saved time in that neither a ceiling support structure nor an additional ceiling needed to be installed.

Although some people are put off by the higher cost of Lamdaboard products, only a few take note of the incurred cost and time savings when using Lambdaboard.

Our experience is that Lambdaboard actually addresses many of the hidden construction pitfalls of similar type, well-known rigid insulation panels. This makes our work so much easier.

And don’t we as architects just love those things that make our vision possible without too much of a fuss!

Tel: 011 421 0313
Website: www.rigifoam.com or www.lambdaboard.co.za

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