For many people, their outdoor living area is being extended to become part of their indoor space. We spoke to Coastal Landscaping & Décor about unifying their clients’ interior to exterior spaces and offer flooring options that are organic and man-made.

Coastal regions and their challenges

Coastal regions are buffeted by unique weather conditions so many inland options don’t work as well close to the ocean. Coastal options to consider include:

  • The Coastal Seashell Carpet: Beaches with shell banks can be ethically harvested when needed with the required permits. With careful planting and the interspersing of seashell crush, you will have a soft pastel look of a natural beach that is sympathetic to the coastline environment. Fynbos coastal planting works best as the accompanying flora.
  • Grassed Carpeting: A mixture of coastal hardy grasses for complete ground covering gives a magnificent texture that changes seasonally. Grasses can be used as feature plants between flatter species to give a meadow-like, ‘no mow’ low-maintenance and elegant garden.
  • Pebbled floor: Using various stones and chip stones sustainably sourced from your local suppliers will give you a natural resource that matches your environs. The ideal is to use a combination of very large, chunky Gabion Stone with finer chip stone to create walkways. This carpet is a natural place for fynbos seed to root.

  • The Persian Carpet: We live in the most floriferous region of the world. Adorn your ground with a tapestry of Vygies, Gazanias, Felicias, Arctotis and various other indigenous groundcovers. This will provide a blaze of rich jewel-like colours throughout the year and the tortoises, birds, butterflies and bees will love you.
  • Wooden flooring: Clever use of decking and sleepers can give you a sleek look that weathers well. Drop-in wooden planking creates pathways that can be accentuated with stone or plants. Maintenance, however, must be done every few years.
  • The All-Year Green: Artificial turf is a loved option for lock-and-go holiday homes because it always looks good, doesn’t get weedy and needs little care. This carpet can frame a home: Consider options that include different colours in the weave to make it appear as natural as possible.
  • The Turf and Paver combo: A lovely pattern of pavers softened with turf insets can be a striking accent for your home. This once-off expense will last for many years. Bigger is better when paving but the initial outlay is costly.
  • Cobblestone Carpets: Cobbling never fades and is always nostalgic. There is a very diverse range available so you can choose something gorgeous and create lovely, cobbled areas that are exquisite for seating.
  • The Exposed Aggregate floor: Choosing your exposed aggregate flooring for areas in your garden is unique. Choose from very natural and earthy to proper Terrazzo style and create a smooth and unbroken swathe of cleanliness.
  • The Real McCoy: Good old-fashioned grass. Planting a lawn never fails – unless we have a drought again. In coastal areas, a hardy lawn is recommended and will require irrigation, garden services and fertiliser with some regularity. We suggest a landscaper assess your ground to help you choose the right lawn for your outdoor spaces.

This client requested a happy holiday garden that had to be children and animal friendly but low maintenance and floriferous. Coastal Landscaping & Décor chose soft lush foliage with colourful flowers, Fynbos and sympathetic exotics. All options are true to nature, hardy and waterwise, but also quite flowery, adding fragrance, colour and playfulness with grasses and texture to titivate the senses. It is also a picking garden, sensual, busy and dreamy. With lots to occupy and do for the kids and guys, this is the perfect garden for a holiday home.

For more information, contact Coastal Landscaping & Décor:
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