Opting for locally manufactured products

by Tania Wannenburg
iTe Made in SA Jnl 7 15

A proudly South African company that finds solutions to local issues using locally manufactured raw materials.

It is the opinion of iTe Products that South Africa has a reputation for self-reliance and the ability to be as good as the best when the need exists. With globalisation being such a powerful force, international solutions are applied to local problems, which often do not take into account specific local conditions and thus prove to be unsuitable.

iTe PRODUCTS is a proudly South African company, with South African owners and a focus on finding solutions to local issues using locally manufactured materials and the best European ‘hi-tech’ ingredients modified to work effectively under local conditions.

Strong alliances with international technology partners provide a concrete foundation for all product development undertaken in respect of the specific issues identified as being a source of immediate or potential challenges.

An example of this is the ability to use water at varying temperatures in varying climates at various times of the year when mixing self-levelling compounds. LEVELiTe has been formulated to give this flexibility to the contactor so that it can be mixed and applied from 4°C to >30°C on the building site.

This will, however, affect working time, but enables the contractor to continue generating income unimpeded. This simplifies processes and ensures no failures. All iTe products are formulated for optimum performance when it comes to the requirements of flooring systems, to be failure-proof when used correctly under the right circumstances, for local conditions taking into consideration local contractors’ needs and making them a priority. These products are manufactured locally in South Africa and are cost-effective solutions for resilient flooring applications.

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