The problem: dirty old ceilings
In areas where hygiene is important like office canteens, bakeries, restaurant kitchens or hospitals and healthcare environments, dirty vinyl ceilings or acoustic suspended ceilings can pose a health risk and impair the image of the facility.
“Now, one can’t afford to replace the ceiling every time the grime builds up, nor do you want to bring paint into these sensitive environments where food is prepared or patients’ immune systems are already under pressure,” Ceilspray’s Nico van der Merwe points out.

The solution: specialised cleaning
The best option, according to Van der Merwe, is to clean these ceilings in a professional way. An expert in this field, Ceilspray uses a unique low-pressure washing system with specially formulated chemicals to spray and effectively remove fingerprints, dirt smudges, kitchen debris and germs.

“In areas where hygiene can’t be compromised, we suggest cleaning ceilings once a year to maintain a sanitary environment. And thanks to the cleaning option being such an economical solution, this is viable,” Van der Merwe advises.

Aren’t the chemicals harmful?
Ceilspray only uses environmentally-friendly, VOC-free chemicals that has been approved for use in environments with strict health and safety requirements.

What about downtime?
“We normally clean ceilings when the business is closed so as not to interrupt operations. In fact, we can do between 500m² and 600m² in one evening and have the space ready for operations to continue in the morning,” Van der Merwe states.

“What’s more, nothing needs to be moved out of the space since we cover all merchandise, furniture, equipment, wall and floor coverings, leaving only the ceiling exposed, before cleaning.”

How much will it cost?
Cost mainly depends on the area size, as well as the total furniture and equipment that need to be covered.

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