On-trend ceramic wall installations

by Ofentse Sefolo
On-trend ceramic wall installations

When the time comes to design indoor or outdoor spaces, the variety, formats and installation that ceramic tiles have to offer, allow us to take advantage of one of the main aesthetic qualities of floor and wall tile installation.

Here the installation possibilities and combination of various ceramic tiles and colours are infinite. Various geometric formats in shapes such as squares, rectangles, rhomboids (diamonds) and hexagons can be installed by mixing and matching, or by simply adding a decorative element as a border or accent.

Here is a look at the latest ceramic wall designs.

1. Straight-lay horizontal pattern
This is one of the simplest and most common ways. The ceramic tiles are placed one after the other in a single straight line, making regular parallel rows, achieving a sense of harmony and order.

The simplistic grey tile, installed horizontally, creates a vocal point in this powder room.

2. Straight lay – vertical pattern in bold colours
This installation is just a variation of the previous one. Ceramic tiles are placed one after the other in a vertical position, allowing for more height. Both installation options can be used equally successfully for floors.

The vertical ceramic tiles in forest green beautifully enhance the striking botanical wallpaper.

3. Running bond or brick pattern
Ceramic pieces are installed in an alternating pattern so that the vertical cuts fall in the middle of the upper or lower rows, creating a dynamic brick-like effect. The aqua colour is unusual, and the glossy finish enhances the impact of the brick pattern.

Brick-like ceramic tiles in glossy aquamarine create a Mediterranean-inspired feature wall.

4. Herringbone or chevron
This installation is created by alternating rows of white ceramic subway tiles, placed in an incline right and left to create a repetition of inverted V-patterns. By not taking the tile all the way to the top, the contrasting wall colour enhances the installation pattern.

Giving new life to white ceramic tiles by installing them in a chevron style makes for a dynamic wall design.

5. Combinations of triangular formats
Joining rectangular triangle formats by their hypotenuse, in a succession of rows, can create original compositions, which reach their maximum aesthetic potential if using different colours.

The contrasting colours and placement in this example create two distinctive diamond shapes that become the vocal point of this wall.

6. Hexagonal combination formats
Placing rows of hexagonal pieces horizontally and vertically, achieves a honeycomb-shaped design, which is accentuated with the use of different colours, textures and finishes.

This bathroom design has been elevated with the use of gold honeycomb tiles as accent, creating an interesting and bold statement.

Design selection
No matter your design preference, ceramic tiles offer endless options for creating feature walls, vocal points or a specific feel. We hope that these ideas will inspire you to be more adventurous with your next ceramic installation.

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