Inspirational ideas based on design trends as identified by creative influencer Dave Nemeth.

“Don’t design for designers, design for people.” – Dave Nemeth, creative influencer, trend forecaster and design thinker.

Here are some of the major trends that he has identified as directing design in 2017.

1.    Debonair: A no clutter design, but with close attention to detail. Stripping away of unnecessary ornamentation.

2.    Future gothic: Dark wallcoverings and dramatic colours, even on building exteriors.

3.    Brutalism: Bold design with dark greys and black, showing appreciation for concrete.

4.    Brown and black plus copper.

5.    Easy living: Pure whites, or natural colours combined with natural and repurposed materials.

6.    Earthchild: All about layering, shapes and textures.

7.    EDENesque: Interpreting nature and bringing it indoors, either via greenery or biophilic shapes.

8.    Plantscapes: Using plants as an integral part of the design.

9.    Marble: Play with traditional marble to create from finishes to furniture.

10.    New cubism: Grids and squares without ornamentation, as well as modular systems.

11.    Mix: Creating patterns with different designs, colours and shapes mixed together.

12.    Anodised cladding.

13.    Rose Gold: On fixings finishes, lighting and even soft furnishing.

14.    Iridescence: Used as finish onto metal or ceramics, but since it could become a fad, it is better used on smaller decorative pieces.

15.    Spaced out: Interiors with space motifs.

Full thanks and acknowledgement are given to Trend Forward for the information given to compile this article.