On the verge of unveiling a new marina development in Kenya, with composite decking specified by a prominent industry player in SA.

Over the last three years, Eva-Last, suppliers of the wood-composite product Eva-tech, has been blazing a trail into Africa. One of their biggest ventures to date, the EnglishPoint Marina, a modern new marina development in Mombasa, Kenya, has put Eva-Last’s technical and creative skills to the test.

Located on a four-acre beachfront site just across the bay from the skyline of old Mombasa and a UNESCO world heritage site (the historic 16th century Portuguese Fort Jesus), EnglishPoint Marina is regarded as the only full-service marina on Africa’s east coast.

It offers stylish apartment living in the comfort, luxury and security of a hotel. It also boasts restaurants, shops, a spa, a gym, a water-sports centre, a boardwalk, and all that can be expected from a seaside paradise on one of the most picturesque tropical coastlines.

Eva-Last has collaborated with architects, designers and marine experts to create a coastal gem to rival Monte Carlo and Monaco. In doing so, they have added a significant amount of expertise and value to the overall project. To achieve this, Eva-Last had to solve design challenges and provide creative solutions to a uniquely technical project in order to reduce costs as well as the total carbon footprint of this new marina development.

One of Eva-tech’s most prominent product features is its extremely low impact on the environment. This is due to the fact that it is manufactured from recycled materials that would otherwise be disposed of in landfills. Not one tree is felled in the creation of Eva-tech, making it one of the most environmentally-friendly construction products available and one of the most popular in its class on the continent.

Eva-Last is also positively contributing to the community by training the local workforce. This enables Eva-Last to pass on much-needed skills and knowledge in wood-composite installation and care. This is adding great value not only to the development but also its surrounding communities.

EnglishPoint Marina is now in its final phases with everything falling into place. It is receiving the last few finishing touches before its official opening, scheduled for October 2014. EnglishPoint boasts decks that run like gleaming pathways towards the sparkling sea, a boardwalk that extends to the horizon, and detail and design that create a luxurious human habitat.

According to Eva-Last, composite is one of the definitive heroes of this project and undoubtedly the way of the future when it comes to making a grand yet environmentally-conscious statement. Composite’s low-maintenance attributes make it ideal for this particular marine application, and a sure winner for any rough seas ahead.