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Foundational phase education is the first step in ensuring children have the skills to learn and grow knowledge over their lifetime.  

Creating an inspirational, stimulating space for that to happen, is therefore very important. The new state-of-the-art Early Learning Centre (ELC) at Redhill School in Johannesburg aims to deliver exactly this type of space. 

Walls & Roofs and FLOORS in Africa took a tour through the site with Hubo Studio’s founder and lead designer, Asher Marcus, and Michelle Smith (architect) to see how the building is taking shape. 

Space as the third teacher 

Hubo Studio

As the African interpretation of a piazza, this central area of the ELC connects the four ateliers.

Hubo Studio believes in thinking outside of the box, or to remove the box completely. The ELC is inspired by the Reggio Emilia philosophy, to allow for space to be the third teacher. Play and learning are interconnected in this ethos. Marcus explains: “Schools are also cities, albeit a filtered version. We use process-driven thinking to create networking spaces for better discovery.” 

Design inspiration: an African Piazza 

Based on an African interpretation of a piazza, the space features four ateliers. Each of these is a home space, from which the children spread outside to explore and discover. Linking outside and inside, the space stimulates curiosity through play and learning. 

Every corner of this unique space has some element of fun or an opportunity for discovery. A slide links an upstairs classroom to the one below. Hidey-holes under staircases provide a quiet place for reading. Multi-functional and multi-directional rooms, and a playground that pushes the boundaries, highlight that this is no ordinary school building.  

Slated for completion later this year, the centre will cover 2 500m² under roof, for children from KG1 to Grade 1. Watch out for more news on this project in future issues. 

Hubo Studio

Key elements within the school building include the shape, colour, mosaics and texture.


The Early Learning Centre at Redhill School strives to create an environment where

children can develop a lifelong love of learning. 


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