On-site training for plasterers

Gyproc South Africa Launches the Saint-Gobain Pro Academy to Enhance On-Site Training and Support for Plasters

Gyproc South Africa, a leading provider of innovative plaster solutions, is proud to announce the launch of the Saint-Gobain Pro Academy, aimed at providing comprehensive on-site training and support for plasters in the inland area.

“The launch of the Saint-Gobain Pro Academy marks a pivotal moment in the plasters market, addressing a critical need for comprehensive support and empowerment for contractors and applicators,” said Ryan McGinn, Product Manager at Gyproc South Africa. “Recognising the challenges faced by contractors and applicators in the field, this specialised team has been meticulously crafted with a clear mission: to bridge the gap between product excellence and practical application.”

On-site training for plasterers

In response to the growing demand for hands-on product information,

Gyproc South Africa recognizes that nothing beats a real-time tactile experience. As such, the newly established Pro Academy will conduct on-site demonstrations, offering users an immediate understanding of product quality, applications, techniques, and results.

“The Pro Academy is not just a training centre; we are hoping to be a proactive partner for contractors and applicators, giving them access and relevant training, explicitly tailored to the nuances of working with RhinoLite® gypsum plasters,” states McGinn. “In essence, the launch of the Pro Academy signifies more than just a training initiative; it symbolises a commitment to excellence, innovation, and collaboration within the construction ecosystem. With expertise, accessibility, and partnership at its core, the Pro Academy embodies Saint-Gobain’s dedication to empowering contractors and applicators and driving industry-wide advancement.”

For more information about Gyproc South Africa’s Pro Academy and its range of plaster solutions, please visit https://www.gyproc.co.za/.


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