DSM opts for Chryso pre-sealer to enhance the facade of an acclaimed retirement complex.

The concrete masonry facades of The Waterfall Hills Mature Lifestyle Estate in Sunninghill have simultaneously eliminated the need for future maintenance on the exterior masonry of the homes and added some old-world charm to the upmarket development.

The concrete blocks used to create these improvements were provided by Decorative Stone Masonry (DSM) and are used extensively throughout the estate. The new luxury facility, which is developed by Century Property Developments, won the prestigious Global 2011 Award for the world’s best retirement resort.

DSM, which is based in Bapsfontein, manufactures a unique range of architectural sandstone products by mixing light-blended cement, high-graded white silica sand and other ingredients to produce a natural sandstone facade. The addition of Chryso Southern Africa’s Pareflo 20 pre-sealer during the manufacturing process ensures  that the blocks are appropriately sealed against water penetration and the long-term  damage caused by the harsh African environment. The pre-sealer also eliminates the occurrence of efflorescence, and prevents salt attack, mildew, moulds and corrosion under normal conditions.

DSM uses a moulding process that dry-moulds ingredients in an adapted block-manufacturing process before being cured in high-tech infrared chambers. The rock-bolstered products are then split and chiselled by hand.

Andrew Beck, DSM’s owner, says: “Adding Pareflo 20 to the DSM product range is a simple procedure, now incorporated as standard in our entire range. It adds significant value to the end-product in terms of enhanced colours and durability, and provides a completely maintenance-free and attractive alternative to face-brick construction.”

Commenting on the DSM manufacturing process, Chryso’s Victor Boardman explains:  “Pareflo 20 substantially reduces water absorption and efflorescence. The degree of water resistance can be varied simply by changing the dosage, and the admixture emits no hazardous material during application. It can easily be incorporated into any existing pressed concrete manufacturing procedure.”  

DSM is a member of the Concrete Manufacturers Association (CMA), and manufactures a wide range of masonry products from its East Rand factory. Chryso’s Pareflo 20 mixture is now also used to pre-seal DSM’s newly-developed and versatile Sentinel retainer wall blocks. These attractive sealed retainer blocks offer an attractive alternative to plain concrete retainer walls.

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