Official registration of trade qualification

by Zuerita
Official registration of trade qualification

The Thermal Insulation Products and Systems Association of South Africa (TIPSASA) has proudly announced the official registration of the trade qualification “Insulation Installer” with the South African Qualifications Authority (SAQA). The qualification consists of two parts, namely building insulation installer and industrial insulation installer.

TIPSASA will now submit its application to register as a professional body with the SAQA. One of the requirements to register as a professional body with the SAQA, is to have a qualification registered with the SAQA and evidence of consultation with the construction sector regarding an application for recognition by the SAQA.

The replies were all positive and in favour of the registration. To quote a few of the replies: “We fully support the registration of TIPSASA as a professional body”, “I believe this is an excellent and worthy cause towards improving the status of TIPSASA and its members”, and “We declare our unqualified support for your cause”.

It is evident that TIPSASA have the support of the construction sector and a high level of recognition for their contribution towards the industry.

TIPSASA will assist any members interested in providing training, to register with QCTO as a recognised, accredited skills development provider (SDP). Learner material has already been developed in collaboration with SDPs.

This is an exciting development for TIPSASA and the industry will undoubtedly benefit from these trade qualifications.

Tel: 0861 000 334 or 012 663 1480
Email: info@tipsasa.co.za
Website: www.tipsasa.co.za

Main image: Example of Glass Wool insulation installed on top of a ceiling. Image courtesy of Knauf Insulation.

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