Office Flooring and Desk Kits

by Darren
Tuff office flooring Jnl 4 15

Interlocking floor tiles that offer several benefits when it comes to modular flooring applications are now also available as desk kits.

An efficient product that can be used in many applications including call centres and office corridors is offered by the Plasti-Lock interlocking floor tile from Tuff Floors.

They are a popular choice in these spaces as they are durable and easy to maintain, are modular and non-directional and are available in a range of different colours. In addition, these tiles are also available in a “desk kit” format, comprising a few, smooth leather-grain tiles that enable the uninhibited glide of chair castor wheels while also protecting the subfloor.

Included in this desk kit is a well-designed interlocking ramp that neatly finishes the edges of the floor. In turn, with its being modular, assembly at one’s workstation is a fun and easy exercise. Lastly, the Plasti-Lock interlocking floor tile is made from flexible plastic that will not break or crack under chair castor wheels, making it an efficient choice within the office space.

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