Offering a range of trim solutions

by Darren
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Flooring trim solutions including carpets, tiles, screed, vinyl, quartz carpet, LVT, wood and laminate trims add up to over 90% of this range.

Regarding themselves as top specialists in quality finishing trims (profiles) for all types of flooring, from tiles, laminates, wood, vinyl, screed and LVTs to mosaics and quartz carpets, Kirk Marketing are proud of their range of trims stocked in South Africa – totalling more than 3 000.

The brands include South Africa’s M.Trim, comprising carpets, tiles , screed, vinyl, quartz carpet, LVTs, wood and laminates trims, which add up to over 90% of the Kirk trim range. The Vexcolt brand consists of structural joints for floors, which are also offered by M.Trim, with its range of structural joints. Lastly, Kirk offers Pedross, comprising matching skirtings and quadrants for wooden and laminate floors.

Kirk’s flooring trim solutions are available in the following materials: stainless steel; aluminium; anodised aluminium; powder-coated aluminium; brass; PVC; MDF, and veneered wood.

The flooring finishes include ramps, edge protection, movement joints, covers, transitions of all types and heights, end profiles, stair nosings, floor skirtings and quadrants.

Floors trims have two functions: firstly as protection and gap fillers; and secondly, to contribute to the aesthetics of the installation, ensuring trims match or contrast with a colour and generally fit in with the décor.

Specifiers are advised to contact the closest Kirk branch for a Kirk File which contains all Kirk’s available product offerings for a “Floor and Wall final solution.

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