Numerous advantages of Peel-and-stick underlay

by Darren
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A new product has been launched that proudly states it is fully recyclable by making use of old tyres and transforming them into useful underlays.

The popular, environmentally friendly underlay range that was launched a few years ago, namely Eco-lay, is what motivated Van Dyck to follow up with the introduction of a peel-and-stick version under the brand name InstaLay.

InstaLay is suitable for carpet, wood, laminate, vinyl and ceramic flooring. Van Dyck has an agreement with InstaCoustic to manufacture the InstaLay range under licence in its factory in Durban and, because of its comprehensive customer base, Van Dyck promotes and sells these products in South Africa and its neighbouring countries.

InstaLay is a range of environmentally friendly acoustic underlays for broadloom carpets, carpet tiles, wood, laminates, ceramics, vinyl sheeting and luxury vinyl tile/plank (LVT/P) flooring which incorporates the unique Peel & Stick system.

By eliminating the need for glue, nails or grippers, this system avoids mess and delays, thereby reducing installation times by over 50% and providing significant cost savings. As there are no adhesives required, there are no toxic fumes from glues, no flash-off time is needed, there is no wastage of unused glue and there is no heavy roller needed. Due to the thickness of InstaLay, there is often also no need to use self-levelling compounds, which saves time and money with regard to floor preparation for the installation of vinyl sheeting and LVT/P. It can also be used if there is still moisture in the screed by first applying a DPM (Damp Proof Membrane) underneath it.

Available with high-grab adhesive for permanent bonding or low-grab for future lifting, InstaLay provides excellent acoustic, thermal and cushioning performance in most commercial and domestic applications.

It is manufactured from high-quality recycled tyre rubber, and the fact that it is fully recyclable means InstaLay offers ‘Cradle to Cradle’ environmental performance.

The environmental and health risks associated with the increasing amount of waste in South Africa have propelled the Mathe Group, a sister company of Van Dyck and accredited recycler by Redisa, to clean up South African streets and yards in residential, industrial and rural areas. Almost 11-million waste tyres are collected every year and over the past three years more than 50 000 truck tyres have been processed by the Mathe Group for Van Dyck’s re-use.

In the past, waste tyres were normally burnt because it was difficult to recycle them, in the process releasing toxic fumes and liquids hazardous to both the environment and living beings. Van Dyck is now up-cycling these tyres and turning them into 100% recycled and award-winning flooring underlays, branded under the names InstaLay and Eco-lay. Van Dyck’s integrated partnership with the Mathe Group has turned tyre waste into worth and is another step towards making South Africa a greener and better place, while creating job opportunities in the process.

Furthermore, InstaLay provides excellent stability and cushioning performance to improve the overall underfoot comfort of the floor. When pressure is released, the rubber crumb granules immediately return to their original shape and do not collapse or degrade over time, regardless of what it is they are supporting, because they have a 100% rebound capacity.

InstaLay also has acoustic insulation, antimicrobial and non-allergenic properties, is durable and non-absorbent, and suitable for use with underfloor heating.

InstaLay is a product patented by InstaCoustic, a UK-based company. With over 25 years’ experience, InstaCoustic is a leading provider of quality acoustic flooring, and wall and ceiling systems to the construction industry. InstaLay is also a winner of one of the prestigious Innovations@Domotex awards.

The InstaLay products available are InstaLay 25hg (2.5mm thickness with high-grab adhesive); InstaLay 30lg (3mm thickness with low-grab adhesive); InstaLay 30hg (3mm thickness with high-grab adhesive); InstaLay 50lg (5mm thickness with low-grab adhesive); and InstaLay 50hg (5mm thickness with high-grab adhesive).

These innovative high-performance products provide specifiers and developers with comprehensive solutions for effective sound insulation on new-build, conversion and refurbishment projects.

It is no surprise that these underlays are increasing in popularity in South Africa and in export countries such as North America, Europe, the UK, the Middle East, Australia and South Korea.

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