Nuisance today causes great problems tomorrow

by Darren
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The need to evaluate a substrate before commencing with a project cannot be stressed enough. Any pre-problems should be fixed before moving onto the next step.

Manufacturers and specialist applicators of performance flooring systems, Verni-Speciality Construction Products undertake the complete restoration of a floor before applying their epoxy and polyurethane floor coatings.

Experience has taught them that the majority of floor failures are due to what lies beneath and, as a company, they would rather not take the risk. Instead, they ensure that a good substrate is in place before applying their floor finishes and, by taking on a project’s complete restoration, they are also able to guarantee the functionality, durability and performance of their products.

Before commencing with a project, Verni tests the substrate’s strength, evaluating the severity of the cracks and looking for contamination. The substrate is required to have a minimum compressive strength of 25MPa with less than 5% moisture, however, Verni does have a specialised damp-proof priming system that allows work to go ahead onto 7-day old concrete. Minor cracks are prepared using gravity-fed epoxy crack fillers, while spalled joints and larger repairs would be carried out by Verni’s vast product range.

Larger repairs require more detailed preparation and where surfaces are severely contaminated, they would be degreased and mechanically prepared to ensure a good clean surface is achieved prior to application. “Maintaining the integrity of a building’s foundation is important for safety and durability,” states Vernon Botha, Managing Director. “A small crack today that is hardly a nuisance may cause even bigger problems in the future.”

Verni also offers Carbon Fibre Reinforcing, which is the latest technology for structural reinforcing of suspended slabs, columns and soffits, as well as for the rehabilitation of old buildings.

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