Nouwens imports one of top three tile cutting plants in the world

by Tania Wannenburg
Nouwens imports one of top three tile cutting plants in the world

Nouwens Carpets will be reducing waste and optimising efficiency with their newly imported tile cutter.Nouwens Carpets, which has been manufacturing carpets locally since 1962, recently imported a new state-of-the-art tile cutting plant for their local manufacturing facility. The new equipment will reduce waste, improve cutting capabilities and help the company improve operational efficiency.

Karl-Heinz Lutze, Manager at Nouwens Carpets, says that reducing waste and improving output is part of the company’s strategic vision going forward.

“The new tile cutting plant and bevelling capabilities are the continuation of Nouwens’ strategy to retain its world class position. The importation of the plant is our drive to maintain our high standard of quality which is synonymous with the Nouwens brand,” explains Karl-Heinz.

The new equipment will further enhance operational efficiency because the cost to produce carpet tiles will be reduced across the entire spectrum of the manufacturing process.

“Not only will we be enhancing the quality of our products and reducing waste, but the forward thinking technology also helps us reduce our overheads so that we can continue to offer clients competitive prices. One of the main drives behind importing this internationally leading plant was to be able to deliver a top quality product to the commercial market at very competitive prices,” says Karl-Heinz.

The new tile plant was imported from a leading international supplier, who visited Nouwens Carpets’ facilities not only to assemble the plant but also to train the staff members who will be operating it. The blades of the new tile cutting machine have been sourced from a prominent European manufacturer who supplies blades to several of the leading brands in the carpet tile sector.

“This new equipment will help us achieve our goal of retaining our world class position of carpet tile manufacturer which is a continuation of our strategy to be seen by global players as forward thinking in terms of innovation,” concludes Karl-Heinz.

For more information contact Nouwens Carpets on +27 (58) 622 1101 or via www.nouwenscarpets.co.za.

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