2020 target: Nothing but green

by Darren
FISA Jnl 4 15

A local and internationally based company is very focused on sustainability and has set huge targets that have to be achieved by 2020.

For 150 years, linoleum flooring has been appreciated for its natural beauty, comfort, durability and versatility in most interior environments.

Tarkett was an early innovator in surface treatments, adding xf² technology to its linoleum products and now Tarkett is introducing xf² – its second-generation surface treatment to improve resistance which ensures an outstanding performance against soiling and staining to improve hygiene and simplify maintenance for cost savings in daily cleaning and care.

For a virtually seamless finish, Tarkett has developed a new range of multi-colour weld rods, designed to match the colour spectrum of the linoleum collection. Linoville is a visual expression of the qualities of linoleum that pull you into the world of linoleum and bring you closer to the product with an enlarged collection of designs and acoustic options.

Every new product has a focus on sustainable living, which is why the company applies the Cradle to Cradle philosophy in the design and manufacture of its products.

This ensures that wasted material can be re-used either as raw materials for more linoleum or re-used as nutrients in other products while the manufacturing process preserves the environment as far as possible. They refer it to a Circular Closed Loop Design.

Tarkett’s approach is to view sustainability as an everyday practice. Eco-design is at the heart of their approach, choosing the best ingredients that can be constantly re-used in the production of their flooring while aiming for zero waste to protect the environment.

Quick facts:
•    95% of production scraps are recycled – and all water needed for production.
•    95% of VOC emissions are abated and conveyed to a post-combustor for generating energy.
•    20% is renewable energy, of which 13% is internal production, and 7% is external.
The company aims to reinforce its green performance in order to reach its 2020 target, by reducing energy purchases from external suppliers and CO2 emissions.

Tarkett are well on their way and excited to move forward and achieve their substantial goals.

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