Not just any spec will do

by Tania Wannenburg

Secondary containment areas call for high-end specification when it comes to corrosion protection.

Corrosion protection and construction chemical systems supplier, Technical Finishes, together with its approved applicator, Coating Specialist Contractors, are often called in to apply high-end corrosion protection to secondary containment areas.

These areas typically include walls in heavy industrial environments and calls for high-end specification. “It is important to identify and select the most suitable corrosion protection system for the project at hand,” advises the company.

Supplier profile
Technical Finishes offers a full range of epoxy, polyurethane and vinyl ester systems with a wide variety of properties, including chemical resistance, high temperature tolerance, abrasion resistance and aesthetics.

“We pride ourselves in being able to provide solutions for even the most corrosive environments, as well as conditions where surfaces are exposed to harsh chemicals and acid. Our corrosion protection range is geared for both concrete and steel surfaces which are subjected to such conditions. We also offer full repair systems for these kinds of environments,” the company states.

“Technical Finishes is distinguished by its ability to develop new technology, and to combine it with active technical service and support to its customers.”

With branches in the Western Cape, Gauteng and KwaZulu-Natal, Technical Finishes is able to offer on-site technical support to their customers countrywide.

Technical Finishes
Tel: 011 822 7242
Website: www.technicalfinishes.com

Things to consider when specifying corrosion protection:
•    Chemical resistance.
•    High temperature tolerance.
•    Abrasion resistance.
•    Aesthetics.

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