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No sharp edges on floors and walls

Over the years, Kirk Marketing has designed products for the safety of the public, with the focus on having no sharp edges. These products can be applied for commercial and domestic use in hospitals, retirement homes and shopping centres – wherever the public could be exposed to sharp edges on corners.

Products for walls and floors

The Kirk products that can be used on walls, as well as floors with tiles are MSkirting and M.Trim.

MSkirting is a PVC skirting with rounded internal and external corners and end caps which are rounded in design – a solution to mitred corners and sharp ends.

M.Trim has a comprehensive range of products with tiles that include Kirk Décor rounded square edges and quadrant edges, which are supplied with matching external corners in 10mm and 12mm options. This leaves smooth round edges and takes away any chance of having sharp mitred edges when specified.

The stainless-steel rounded square edges in 8mm, 10mm and 12mm have a corner piece to protect from the sharp mitred edge. The stainless-steel tile-in corner protectors with rounded corners are available for 8mm and 10mm tiles in different size protections – 30mm x 30mm and 50mm x 50mm.

The Stairnosing options are the Aluminium Bull nosing with a diamond rubber insert and the stainless-steel tile-in stair nosing with a diamond rubber insert. These leave a more rounded edge to stair nosing. Aluminium Quadrant edge is also a great tile edge protection in a shower or bathroom in different size options and colours. Movement joints in floors replace polysulphide joints, which prevents the risk of sharp edges if the polysulphide gets removed and exposes the tile edge on floors.

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