Specially formulated to fix tiles where very high bond strength, hygiene properties and flexibility are important, and for grouting where there is a need for chemical resistance or complete non-permeability, Saint-Gobain Weber’s Epox-easy is a convenient two-component epoxy adhesive and grout.
Epox-easy is specially formulated to work in permanently wet areas, and can be used for interior and exterior tiling applications on floors and walls. Ideal applications include kitchens, bathrooms, pools, gym wet rooms, abattoirs, hospitals and high-traffic areas with continuous movement.

“This product contains a unique pigmentation system, which effectively locks colour into the sand, reduces the risk of staining and makes the residue much easier to remove from the tiles,” explains Tiisetso Mokotjo, Saint-Gobain Weber’s product manager.

“When set and solidly bedded, it forms a robust layer, which is impermeable to liquids, resistant to chemicals, easy to sterilise, clean and maintain, and is resilient to high-pressure washing,” says Mokotjo.

Epox-easy is available in three colours and can be used with ceramic, porcelain, mosaic and glass tiles on special substrates.

For more information, visit www.weber-tylon.co.za or email Tiisetso.Mokotjo@saint-gobain.co.za.

Weber’s Epox-easy adhesive and grout.