What does a shoe brand and flooring have in common? Go4cork Blend from Amorim Cork Composites has partnered with Nike to use their Nike Grind EVA foam to produce a sustainable underlay.

Amorim Cork Composites combines Nike Grind EVA foam, which is created from recycled scraps from Nike’s footwear manufacturing process, with cork composites to create a sustainable solution based on a circular economy. The aim is to have a positive impact on the environment, which is based on a formulation that provides high performance of the underlay.

High performance underlay from cork and Nike waste

Because of cork’s unique characteristics and raw material, it provides durability, comfort, impermeability, thermal, acoustic and anti-vibration insulation, as well as integral sustainability. Go4cork Blend with Nike Grind is ideal for people wanting to attain a balance between performance and environmental sustainability.

Go for goal: negative carbon balance

In a recent study conducted by EY, using a lifecycle perspective, Go4cork Blend with Nike Grind has a negative carbon balance of -5,5kg CO eq/m². Thus, the product’s associated carbon sequestration promoted by the cork-oak forest exceeds the CO₂ emissions from production.

This included the consideration that carbon sequestration achieved by the cork-oak forest uses a cradle-to-gate approach, contemplating the environmental impact of all activities – from resource extraction, through production of all components to the factory gate.

Lifecycle metric and methodology

EY’s study methodology was based on the ISO 14040/44 standards and complemented by the guidelines of the International Reference Lifecycle Data System (ILCD). The data associated with production was provided by Amorim Cork Composites. The general production processes of the production of raw materials, energy, transport and waste management were obtained from the Ecoinvent 3,5 database.

Click here for more information on this solution:

Flooring Underlayment – Go4cork Blend with Nike Grind by Amorim – YouTube

Full acknowledgement and thanks go tohttps://domotex.de/ for the information in this editorial.

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