Nifty tools for fenestration design and specification

by Zuerita
Nifty tools for fenestration design and specification

Technology is playing an increasing role in the how buildings are being designed and are influencing the way in which materials, products and finishes are specified and sourced. This, together with the rising demand for aluminium windows for the construction of contemporary buildings, is why Wispeco is continually fine-tuning its Crealco product range and design software.
Design and assurance tools
With the aim of making it easier to design, cost and specify suitable, compliant and energy-efficient Crealco products for a range of building applications, Crealco offers user-friendly Agrément certified software tools that enable architects and fabricators to design, competitively cost and fabricate compliant, robust and eye-catching fenestration.

These software packages are available to architectural building professionals and aluminium window and door fabricators at no cost.

•    Crealco U-Solve – for architects
The U-Solve calculator is used by architects to design SANS-compliant, energy-efficient fenestration for projects with actual certified whole-window and door U- and SHGC-values based on genuine Wispeco aluminium extrusions and actual glass supplier values. U-Solve Version 4 contains new features such as SANS 10400 XA reports for rational design, larger panel designs, updated budget prices and new Crealco systems, including Facade 60 curtain wall and Skyline high-performance open out top or side hung window.

•    Crealco Starfront – for aluminium fabricators
Starfront is a design, costing, ordering, procurement and fabrication programme that enables aluminium window and door fabricators to supply compliant and cost-effective Crealco aluminium and glass products. It allows users to customise both the costing and the manufacturing process to meet their specific needs. Starfront is available free of charge to fabricators using genuine Wispeco aluminium extrusions to fabricate Crealco systems.

•    Crealco FPD (Fenestration Performance Declaration)
The FPD platform enables approved fabricators and installers of Crealco aluminium fenestration products to issue a durability, performance and authenticity assurance declaration to an architect, builder, building control officer or owner. The uniquely numbered, verifiable and signed one-page declaration offers project-specific assurance on all aspects of the fenestration value chain and ultimately enables the design professional to issue a certificate of compliance as per SANS 10400: A with confidence.

Various other design and fabrication aids are also available. These include BIM REVIT 3D families, typical CAD symbol libraries, marketing brochures, technical product manuals and fabrication training to aluminium fabricators throughout the country.

Tel: 011 389 0053
Website: www.crealco.co.za / www.crealco-fpd.co.za / www.u-solve.co.za / www.starfront.co.za

Caption: The Crealco fenestration product range offers a vast scope for architects and home owners, while satisfying the need for thermal performance and fresh designs.

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