News from the MMFA’s annual meeting

by Ofentse Sefolo
News from the MMFA’s annual meeting

The Multilayer Modular Flooring Association held its 2018 members’ meeting in April. Some 80 people came to learn about developments in the industry and the status of the MMFA’s projects.

Matthias Windmöller was confirmed as the Chairman of the Board for a further two years. Founding Chairman, Volker Kettler, did not stand for re-election after six successful years with the MMFA and members thanked him for his commitment and pioneering work in research and development, technical areas and standardisation. Three new companies were also accepted as associate members, namely Solutions SL (Elda, Spain), H.B. Fuller Deutschland GmbH (Lüneburg, Germany) and I4F Licensing B.V. (Eindhoven, Netherlands).

During the meeting, the association reflected on the successful year that the organisation has had. In his presentation, President Windmöller made reference to the joint session held in Düsseldorf in November 2017 which resulted in important decisions on product clustering, i.e. the new grouping within the MMFA for product classes. The new classification is being used as the basis for sales statistics and has been in effect since the start of 2018.

The current MMFA sales were presented at the meeting and the figures show that the sales trend for MMFA members continues to be a positive one. Sebastian Wendel from Akzenta presented the figures, which showed that for Class 1 flooring (HDF core), the association estimates the share of the world market held by MMFA members in 2017 at more than 90%. Last year, MMFA members sold 9.9 million square metres of Class 1 products around the world. In the same year, as much as 80% of sales volumes in this class could be attributed to members in Germany, Austria and Switzerland. MMFA members reached sales of over 48 million square metres in 2017 for the “old” MMFA Class 2 (based on polymer or polymer composite).

During the meeting, MMFA’s attendance of DOMOTEX in Hanover in January 2018 was also discussed. The trade fair operator had invited the MMFA to have a dedicated area at the event to showcase the association’s new product classes to an extensive specialist audience. The MMFA also said that the association’s main goals for this year is to continue handling a wide range of technical projects, refining the market statistics, acquiring new members, and swapping information with the US-based MFA, working together with them to drive forward international standardisation work.

The current European strategy on plastics can also create areas of action for the flooring market, says the MMFA. In January, the EU published plans and measures which aim to significantly reduce plastic waste in the EU and increase the plastic recycling rate. China has also amended its policy on plastics and will soon be imposing stricter regulations, forcing other world regions and their industries to take action themselves. The MMFA wants to be proactive and press ahead with developing a European action plan for the flooring industry.

For more information, contact the MMFA via www.mmfa.eu.

Caption to main image: General Assembly of the MMFA: Around 80 industry experts gathered in Mönchengladbach on 25 and 26 April at the invitation of Ungricht and Saueressig Design Studio. – Photo: MMFA

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