New ‘Green’ Screed powers construction sustainability

by Darren
flowcrete jnl5

Flowcrete SA – manufacturers of Isocrete Floor Screeds – have developed a revolutionary new green screed technology that combines a more sustainable product with enhanced performance credentials.

The company has given time-proven screeds in its range a green makeover with a new formulation that is free from Ordinary Portland Cement (OPC), contains 40% recycled materials taken from industrial waste and has a reduced amount of both organic additives and natural silica sand content.

Systems within the Isocrete Floor Screeds range that have received the green makeover include Isocrete Self Level Plus and Flowscreed Industrial Top.  More products in the range will receive the green re-formulation and will be released to market following site trials.

Ian Harrison, managing director of Flowcrete SA, said, “This is an exciting development for Flowcrete, which will have a significant effect on sustainability within the construction industry.”

“By re-formulating products in the Isocrete Floor Screeds range, we can now offer specifiers enhanced performance such as improved flexural and compressive strength, with the additional benefit of a significantly lower carbon footprint.”

“The removal of OPC from the screed formula is a fantastic breakthrough, with a considerable positive impact on reducing carbon emissions.

The re-formulation also replaces ingredients derived from natural sources, which in turn reduces the depletion of natural resources and therefore the energy used to mine and process these materials,” he says.

Modern construction programmes place great demands on the products they use and today’s floor screed systems are no exception, needing to be fast, strong, safe and able to cope with the rigorous techniques and methods undertaken throughout the world.

Flowcrete is confident that the new green screed range will allow architects and specifiers to meet the most stringent green construction ratings; the excellent results obtained from an independent lifecycle assessment of the green screeds serve to substantiate this.

Flowcrete is now able to offer the market a truly unique and sustainable flooring package through its new Green Floorzone solution. For example, the company can supply an eco-friendly resin floor finish such as Mondéco which contains up to 60% recycled material, and a new Isocrete green screed.

The single-source Green Floorzone solution offers sustainable benefits such as all products arriving on site from one source with no wastage and with just one contractor responsible for the entire installation – and with one Flowcrete warranty.

For almost 40 years, Isocrete Floor Screeds have been chosen by architects and specifiers for some of the world’s biggest projects, used extensively in areas including airports, stadiums, hotels, hospitals, residential sites, offices, shopping centres, schools, colleges and universities, and within this timeframe millions of square metres of these systems have been installed.

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