New waterproofing protects foundation walls and roof gardens

by Darren
New waterproofing projects

A new, multi-functional bitumen heat-fused waterproofing membrane, Armodillo, is now available in South Africa.


A new, multi-functional bitumen heat-fused waterproofing membrane, Armodillo, is now available in South Africa through a.b.e. Construction Chemicals.

The new polymer-bitumen membrane offers waterproofing, drainage and the protection of foundation walls in a single product application.

Armodillo is produced by the world-renowned Italian company, Index, with which a.b.e. has an exclusive agreement for product distribution in South Africa. a.b.e., which is part of the Chryso Southern Africa Group, signed an agreement with Index in 1996 and recently celebrated the sale of two million rolls of the Index bitumen waterproofing membranes in South Africa.

“Index’s new Armodillo Polyester membranes, which incorporate anti-root protection, can solve the problems of waterproofing, mechanical protection and drainage – all in one product,” says Lance Anderson, a.b.e.’s brand manager for waterproofing.

“Armodillo’s upper face is armoured with impact-resistant, elastic polymer-bitumen dimples or bubbles, similar to the protective plates of an Armadillo’s shell, which protects the membrane from perforation when buried and at the same time forms an efficient drainage network that allows any water to quickly drain to the perimeter drains, stopping hazardous pooling. If the dimples are torched, they become adhesive, making it possible to bond insulating panels, non-woven fabrics and other materials onto the membrane.

“The lower face of Armodillo membranes is covered with Flamina, a plastic film that can be easily torched. The bubbles on the Armodillo membranes keep the installer’s hands away from the torch, making installation much safer and easier. Index Armodillo can be installed by bonding the next membrane onto the 70mm indented selvage of the previous membrane, ensuring that no raised, uneven problematic laps are created,” Anderson explains.

Armodillo can be used on both flat and vertical parts of a building, as well as for ground foundation walls, as a protective and draining layer. It was recently installed at a roof garden test site at the University of Cape Town (UCT).

“a.b.e. sees tremendous potential for Index Armodillo as a simple-to-use waterproofing solution for both roof gardens and below-ground tanking areas. Its multi-functionality substantially reduces multiple product applications to reduce time on site. In addition, the Armodillo membrane has far greater puncture resistance than conventional High-density Polyethylene (HDPE) membranes,” Anderson states.

Armodillo membranes are covered against product failure by Index’s ten-year insurance-backed warranty, which incorporates excess-free claims should a product-related failure occur.

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