TAL, a division of Norcros SA, has introduced a new cementitious waterproofing compound to the market. It forms part of their recommended multi-level system for ensuring successful residential shower installations.

“TAL Sureproof Shower is a cementitious quick-setting, tough, flexible and fibre-enriched waterproofing compound. It is ideal for waterproofing showers and bath surround walls in residential applications, prior to tiling,” says Sharon Margon, technical advice supervisor at TAL.

As it’s a fibre-enriched compound, it provides enhanced flexibility and crack-bridging properties. It is suitable for use to fill small hair-line shrinkage and static cracks (less than 2mm wide), with ground-floor applications requiring no reinforcing membrane.

“The product is fully compatible with cement-based tile adhesives and can be tiled onto directly without the need for primers, once cured. Due to the impervious nature of the waterproofed substrate, only rapid- or quick-setting tile adhesives should be used,” comments Margon.

To apply, simply add approximately 1,9ℓ to 2ℓ of cool, clean water and mix to a paintable slurry. Apply using a builder’s block brush, painting two coats onto the shower walls and floors in cross directions.

The product is available in a 5kg bucket and is classified as a CMO membrane material (Cementitious liquid-applied water impermeable membrane (CM), with a minimal crack-bridging ability at a low temperature (O)) in terms of EN14891.

For more information, contact the TAL Technical Advice Centre:
Tel: +27 11 206 9876
Website: www.tal.co.za

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