New underlay offers exceptional moisture barrier properties

by Tania Wannenburg
Finfloor underlay Jnl 3 16

New underlay from Finfloor is moisture resistant, durable & resilient, passing stringent tests to prove its superior properties.

Finfloor’s new underlay, Woodlay, has been designed to perform exceptionally well as a moisture barrier over the long term. Suitable under LVTs, wood and vinyl laminate flooring, it forms a light cushion between the subfloor and the laminate flooring. Manufactured from a high content of selected, recycled tyres bound in a unique latex formulation, it delivers excellent resilience and durability.

Woodlay is comprised of a 2mm rubber underlay laminated with a 300 micron moisture membrane made of virgin plastic, which ensures that there is no degradation of the membrane after installation. As the rubber underlay has not been air foamed, it will not collapse over time, and also aids in smoothing out any unevenness on the subfloor. In addition, it provides a degree of sound absorption and insulation, making it a unique product within its category.

In order to ensure that this product performs to industry standards, three rigorous testing equipment and methods were used, including Air Porosity and Permeability, which are known for being challenging tests to pass. Simply put, if air cannot penetrate, then without a doubt no moisture will be able to penetrate either, which is exactly what these tests on Woodlay proved.

This product has several benefits, including the fact that is totally recyclable and as such a cradle to cradle regenerative product. It offers an enhanced floorcovering lifespan with excellent rebound properties, and as already highlighted, is moisture resistant, non-absorbent and rot-resistant. It also saves on energy due to its increased thermal properties, improves vacuuming efficiency, while concurrently providing anti-static and anti-fatigue properties. Lastly, Woodlay is also anti-allergenic as it resists bacteria and dust mites.

As noted by Finfloor, this product is superior due to all the testing that they have already carried out on it, and it is a welcome addition to the range of products already offered by the company.

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