New trends for concrete polishing emerge

by Tania Wannenburg
Diamond Products concrete polishing Jnl 2 16

Concrete polishing has become a firm favourite across all spheres, but now new trends using the same method has emerged.

It is no secret that concrete polishing is a growing trend in both the industrial and residential sector, however there is now a demand for surface preparation for this flooring solution. A recognisable emerging trend is polished concrete furniture, counter tops and stair cases. This provides a very different challenge to the normal process of grinding and polishing of floors.

“The challenge is being able to achieve the same finish as that of a normal decorative polished concrete floor on countertops, staircases and concrete furniture, but also to reach small surfaces or awkward places that a normal industrial grinder is not able to reach,” explains Brian Clark, Director of Diamond Products.

Diamond Products’ answer to this challenge was to design and manufacture a condensed version of a large triple head planetary floor grinding head that could be accommodated on a normal 180 mm handheld polisher. Clark points out that this system consists of the same operational principle as the large grinders and as a result provides the operator with the same benefits and effectiveness of a normal industrial grinder, but is easier to handle in small and confined spaces.

“We offer a range of flexible grinding and polishing pads that can be used with a DIY variable speed grinder or polisher,” he concludes. Clark also points out that there are also a variety of different grits offered which enables the operator to achieve various finishes and effects.

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