New Tongue & Groove board reduces your energy bill

by Ofentse Sefolo
New Tongue & Groove board reduces your energy bill

Decoboard, created by Lambdaboard, a premier insulation brand by Rigifoam, is launching its new tongue and groove ceiling board, an affordable ceiling and loft insulation that improves thermal efficiency. Designers are continually looking to deliver cost effective options for insulation that protect against fire and improve thermal efficiency and Decoboard Tongue and Groove c has unmatched thermal performance and excellent fire protection characteristics.

Valuable fire protection and thermal performance
• Ceiling boards won’t melt, drip or propagate any flame.
• Fire tested according to the South African National Standard 428 Classification B / B1 / B2 / H&V.
• Thermal performance and insulation efficiency in R-Values is 30mm to 1,25 km²/watt or 40mm to 1.67 km²/watt.

Decoboard is a cost effective ceiling and loft insulation that wont melt, drip or propagate any flame.

Natural colours and varying dimensions
• Available in White Mineral or Mineral Natural colour.
• Must be painted using a high-quality acrylic paint once installed.
• Lengths of 2 000mm up to 8 000mm.
• Thickness of 30mm or 40mm.
• Widths of 300mm to 900mm. (Boards have 1 200mm cover width).

Rigifoam has launched Decoboard, a new tongue and grooved ceiling board which serves as affordable, fire-tested ceiling and loft insulation.

Simple application of a standard ceiling
• Fastened using concealed fixing clip to battens or roof purlins at 900mm centres.
• Longitudinal side laps are secured with clips and the tongue and groove section.
• Quarter rounds used to finish the installation where board meets truss to eliminate timber imperfections.
• Lambdaboard to be trimmed if necessary and pressed to fit between trusses.

Decoboard improves thermal efficiency, saves you energy and money.

Dimensionally stable and long lifespan
Some current products have issues such as long term creep or shrinkage of boards and thermal movement of roof sheeting which can cause the homeowner internal sound irritations and often have limited lifespans. Decoboard Tongue and Groove is dimensionally stable so it won’t shrink and provides long term thermal resistance allowing homeowners to effectively combat the increasing electricity.

Decoboard Tongue and Groove is dimensionally stable and has a long life-span.

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