New tiling tool range launched

by Tania Wannenburg
New tiling tool

Durable tools are now available to tiling installers for specialised and advanced tiling applications.


A new range of tiling tools for tiling installers, called Tilemate, which was launched by tiling solutions supplier, TAL, is suitable for specialised and advanced applications.

“The Tilemate range contains sturdy tools that are comfortable to use and made to last,” says Chaitan Manga, general manager at TAL.

The three-in-one tile nipper is a multifunctional tool, perfect for replacing broken tiles. It consists of a tile nipper with tipped jaws for cutting and shaping wall tiles, a tile pry bar for lifting and re-positioning tiles and a tile breaking chisel for breaking tiles when removing broken tiles.

Made with reinforced steel, the heavy-duty tile remover can be used in conjunction with a hammer to remove wall and floor tiles as well as carpets, vinyl and joints.

The Power 1600 bench saw can cut a tile that is up to 1 015mm thick and can diagonally cut 725mm-thick tiles. Its direct drive, 1 600W induction type brushless motor is ideal for cutting large format marble, granite, stone and tiles. A six-ball precision cutting assembly allows the motor to glide smoothly with minimal vibration for precise cuts. The completely enclosed dual water spray system evenly distributes water flow, extending the life of the diamond blade, while the large side-table extension provides extra support for large format tiles and slabs.

Ideal for grout application and removal, the tiling sponge’s unique hydrophilic design provides a high liquid holding capacity and the rounded edges prevent the digging out of grout.

The lightweight 1 400W adhesive and grout mixer is suitable for mixing cement, plaster, grouts, adhesives, fillers, paint and other mortars for construction, while being comfortable to handle and carry.

Tilemate tools are available at Tile Africa outlets, tile and flooring merchants and selected hardware stores nationwide.

Tel: 0860 000 TAL (825)
Website: www.tal.co.za

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